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Joe’s Flies Super Striker Elite


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Quick Specs:
78-87mm | 3-3.5″
5-5.5g | 1/4oz
Spinner-Fly | Hand-Tied Fly
Weighted and Balanced
Colorado Blade (#3.5, 1/4oz)
Single Hook Fly | Trailing Treble Hook
Note: Remove Trailing Treble Hook for Catch and Release Fishing

The Super Stiker Elite series from Joe’s Flies is a true “go-to” fly-spinner lure for targeting large trout, steelhead, crappie, and smallmouth bass. Each Super Striker Elite is weighted and balanced and features a mirror-polished colorado blade paired with a premium hand-tied fly. Joe’s Flies Super Striker Elite fly-spinners also feature a trailing stinger treble hook increasing your catch rate by hooking short strikers. Available is a wide array of colorways; matching the hatch year-round is possible with the Super Striker Elite ensuring consistent performance and drawing power no matter the fishing conditions.

Note: We recommend removing the trailing treble hook for catch and release fishing. You can remove the hook by cutting the nylon line that holds it in place at the fly’s tail.


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