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Jackson Buggy Spinner

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Quick Specs:
32mm | 1.25″
1.5g (1/20oz) | 3g (1/10oz)
Glass Bead & Tungsten Bead
Built-In Swivel |Cupped Blade
#8 Single Barbless Hook

The Jackson Buggy Spinner is an inline spinner built to tackle even the most adverse fishing conditions. With its compact size and front cupped blade, the Buggy Spinner offers outstanding casting capability. The blade of the Buggy Spinner begins rotating nearly instantly on contact with the water, even during its fall, making it appealing to fish from the moment it touches down. The tungsten bead of the Buggy Spinner lends itself to the compact build, making this lure attractive to even the most nervous and wary fish. Built to be suitable in various water conditions, the Buggy Spinner offers excellent responsiveness and moderate drag resistance, making it effective even when fished upstream. The built-in swivel effectively reduces line twist, and the extra sharp JDM single barbless hook makes the Buggy Spinner ideal for catch and release fishing.


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