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Z-Man Chatterbait Micro


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Quick Specs:
76mm | 3″
3.5g | 1/8 oz (jig head weight)
6.1g | 1/5 oz (with skirt/blade)
Hex-Shaped Chatterblade

The Z-Man Chatterbait Micro is a downsized version of the highly popular original Chatterbait bladed jig. Pair with your favorite downsized trailer, and run the Chatterbait Micro over grass lines, near wood and brush cover, or anywhere else bass may be holding tight to entice violent reaction strikes. Featuring a hex-shaped blade, the Chatterbait Micro can be fine-tuned by bending the blade for desired depth control and acts as a weedguard. The patented blade delivers unmatched vibration, sound, and an extra erratic action. The Chatterbait Micro comes pre-rigged with an interchangeable skirt and is available in Z-Man’s most popular Chatterbait colorways.


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