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ZacT Craft Senor Tornado


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Quick Specs:
100mm | 3.9″
1.7g | 1/16oz
Area Trout Lure
Twisting Wire Bait
Single Barbless Hook | Built in Swivel

The ZacT Craft Senor Tornado is an easy-to-use wire bait designed for fishing Area (stocked) Trout. Fitted with a single barbless hook to reduce damage to the fish, it’s perfect for catch and release fishing of stocked trout in ponds and lakes. Cast it out, let it sink to depth, and employ a slow retrieve to see this lure rotate through the water drawing in trout with its unique action and standout colors. The Senor Tornado comes equipped with a swivel right out of the box, a must-use with this lure to avoid line twist.

Note: The Senor Tornado will straighten out once a fish is hooked. Carefully twist the lure around your finger after each catch to return the lure to its original spiral shape. Experiment with different-sized spirals to vary the action of this lure and hone in on the perfect bite.


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