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About Us

Bait Finesse Empire is an online shop centered around enthusiast level finesse fishing tackle. Our focus is equipment and lures that are ideal for the “Bait Finesse System” style of fishing first popularized in Japan. We test and import tackle from around the world to bring our favorite finesse fishing lures, bait finesse rods, BFS reels, and more to the US market. All of the products available on our website are in stock right here in the USA, and ready to ship out to you within two business days. 

It is our goal to provide you with high quality and unique finesse tackle, in-depth reviews, educational content around Bait Finesse, and excellent customer service.

While the rods and reels we offer and use for bait finesse fishing are specialized, all of the lures and terminal tackle we sell can also be used on traditional spinning rods and reels. So whether you’re newly exploring bait finesse system fishing or are an established spinning finesse enthusiast, we’d like to thank you for stopping by our little shop and hope you find something unique to enjoy on your next trip to the water.

Our Story

¬†First dreamed up in early 2021, Amir knew that he would need to collaborate with well established anglers in the niche to achieve his goal of further spreading bait finesse fishing in the USA. So Amir teamed up with the same content creators and anglers he already followed, and that’s when Bait Finesse Empire was born as a crew of anglers dedicated to growing bait finesse fishing in the USA.


There’s a lot of information already written about bait finesse, as well as thousands of hours of YouTube content, so we’ll give the short and simple answer here:

Bait Finesse System (also known as BFS/bait finesse/bait finesse fishing/bait finesse style) is a finesse style of fishing originating from Japan. BFS utilizes specialized baitcasting reels and casting rods to allow the angler to cast ultralight lures that would normally only be used with spinning reels and rods. There are several advantages to using casting gear over spinning gear in finesse situations, such as:

  • Better accuracy
  • The ability to thumb the spool for silent lure entry into the water
  • The reel does not create line twist
  • It’s just more fun! (in our totally biased opinion)

In the future we will be expanding our website to include more educational content about bait finesse and finesse fishing in general, so stay tuned.

We are the first and only tackle store in the US focused around the Bait Finesse System fishing style.

Which means:

  • We carry a lot of unique products that will not find in stock anywhere else in the US.
  • Everything we sell is finesse orientated and will work for bait finesse fishing. All the lures and terminal tackle we offer work equally as well for spin finesse fishing styles.
  • Unless you place a backorder, everything we sell is in stock in the US and ready to ship out. No more dealing with translating websites, paying customs and foreign currency conversion fees, or waiting months for overseas shipping.
  • We are the only authorized dealers in the USA for Tsurinoya, Kuying, iFishband, and Roro Lure. All of these brands are well established globally in the bait finesse market, are known for their high quality products, and we’re excited to be able to offer them to you through our shop.
Bait Finesse Empire is an American and family owned business, operated by bait finesse fishing enthusiasts.

We do not have a physical storefront at this time. As we continue to grow the bait finesse niche, and our business, opening a physical location is an option we’ll explore.

All of the lures and tackle we carry are high quality and specifically designed for finesse fishing. We carry lures from American suppliers as well as import lures from Japan, China, Europe, and elsewhere.

We’ve set an upper limit of ten grams max lure weight on the lures we carry. While there are finesse lures that exceed this weight, we don’t believe they fit the bait finesse style of fishing that we cater to.

We list lure weights in grams for two reasons:

  1. Bait finesse is a global sport and so we stock lures from all over the world. Most countries use the metric system and most lures weights globally are marked in grams.
  2. The lighter power your equipment is the more discernable difference there is in lure weights. Measuring in grams allows for a far more accurate reading of a lures true weight, allowing the angler to better perfect his lure choices and techniques for any given fishing situation.

For USDM lures that have a weight listed by the manufacturer, we will provide the weight in grams as measured on our scale in addition to the manufacturer’s listed weight in ounces.

For JDM and other global market lures that are marked in grams by the manufacturer, we will default to the manufacturers stated weight.

We will also provide secondary weights where we can. For example a 2.5g jig will generally have a jig head weight of 2.5g, while the actual full weight of the lure with the hook and skirt will be more. In these scenarios we will provide the stated weight as well as the full weight of the lure when we can.

If you don’t see it on our website, we don’t currently stock it. That said, we’re always looking to expand our lineup. If you know of a unique or must have finesse lure or piece of tackle that you think we should carry, let us know!

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The Bait Finesse Empire Team

Amir A


Amir simply loves Bait Finesse and all things urban fishing. He’s turned that passion into Bait Finesse Empire and can generally be found running things behind the scenes and shipping out orders.

Jimmy Ly - raWr Fishing


Jimmy is the Rockstar behind the highly popular YouTube channel raWr Fishing. With a focus on BFS Fishing, Jimmy has introduced the style to thousands of American anglers through his exciting and highly educational content.

The Hunter Fisher


Hunter Nodae, known as “The Hunter Fisher,” is a Floridian angler targeting multiple species in fresh and salt water. Hunter’s passion for ultralight fishing and BFS is highlighted on his popular YouTube channel, where he provides anglers with tips, tricks, and the occasional laugh.

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