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Varivas Absolute AAA Fluorocarbon Line

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Quick Specs:
New and Improved AAA Fluorocarbon
Natural Clear Color
15% Denser | Exceptional Strenght and Durability
80m (87yd) Spool

Absolute AAA

The ultimate fluorocarbon line

Absolute AAA sets a new standard in strength and durability, making it a top choice for discerning anglers.

Unparalleled Strength:
Crafted using VARIVAS’s proprietary manufacturing method, the fluorocarbon molecules in Absolute AAA line are 15% denser compared to other fluoro lines in the VARIVAS catalog.  This high molecular density results in exceptional strength that allows anglers to confidently battle even the largest bass without concerns for line failure.

AAA Rating:
Absolute AAA fluoro line rates superior all critical strength factors– linear strength, knot strength, and anti-abrasion properties. This ensures that you have the utmost confidence in the line’s performance, knowing that it excels in every aspect of strength and durability.

Abrasion-Resistant and Durability:
While this line may come at a higher price point, it offers excellent value for your money in the long run. Scratch-resistant properties ensure the longevity of the line, combined with consistent strength and performance over extended periods of use. Rest assured that with Absolute AAA, you are investing in a line that will endure rigorous fishing conditions and provide consistent performance.

Natural Clear Color:
The Absolute AAA line features a natural clear color, allowing for optimal stealth and minimal visibility in the water. This ensures that fish are less likely to be spooked by the line, increasing your chances of a successful catch.

Experience the pinnacle of fluorocarbon line performance with the Absolute AAA. Its unrivaled strength, durability, and superior ranking in all key factors make it the ultimate choice for anglers who demand the best. Trust in Absolute AAA’s exceptional performance and fish with confidence, knowing you have the absolute best fluorocarbon line in your arsenal.

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