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Tsurinoya Dragon II Casting Rods

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Quick Specs:
Stainless Steel Guides | SiC Guide Rings
New Custom Reel Seat
Spiral X Core Blank
Includes Padded Cloth Rod Bag

Tsurinoya’s lineup of the top-rated Dragon series of finesse rods has grown with the addition of the all-new Dragon II rods. Designed for fishing in creeks, streams, and rivers, the Dragon II Rod Series offers a refined experience for the avid trout angler.

Built using TSU’s Spiral X Core design, the new blanks of the Dragon II are lighter and more sensitive than the original Dragon rod series. Featuring a true fast action, the Dragon II has enough power through the mid-section and into the butt end to fight aggressive fish in the flowing currents of mountain streams and rivers. The crisp action allows for precise lure control and movements and the ability to place your lure with pinpoint accuracy using various casting techniques.

The Dragon II series also introduces TSU’s all-new custom reel seat, designed to balance comfort and sensitivity. The reel seat features cutouts to allow water to flow away from under the reel foot and a cutout forward of the trigger so that the angler’s finger has direct contact with the rod blank. The Dragon II rod series uses Tsurinoya’s in-house stainless steel guides with SiC guide inserts, providing durability, smooth casting performance, and superior heat dissipation. Finished with a high-quality cork handle that allows for excellent grip even when wet and stylish looks. The light power 6’6″ model features a split grip design, while the ultra-light models have a shortened full grip that provides excellent one-handed operability.


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