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Reins Tungsten Slip Sinker


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Quick Specs:
Tungsten Conical Weight
Texas Rig | Carolina Rig
Inner Plastic Core | Reduced Line Abrasion
Extreme Sensitivity

Reins Tungsten Slip Sinkers are specially formulated from a blend of 95% tungsten and 5% nickel alloy, offering the highest performance while being environmentally safe. If you’re looking for a small conical weight for Texas rigging, Carolina rigs, and more, these weights will exceed all expectations. The tungsten makeup of these weights makes them 1.8x denser than similar-sized lead weights, creating an extremely sensitive weight in a much more compact presentation. These weights also feature an inner plastic lining, eliminating the risk of abrasion from the weight on your line, a truly welcomed feature in bait finesse fishing where thin lines are utilized.


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