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Varivas Trout Shock Leader Fluorocarbon Line


Quick Specs:
Fluorocarbon Leader Line | Durable and Sensitive
Super Tough Coating | Lb. Over Rating
Includes Colored Spool Band
30m/spool | 33 yds/spool
Made in Japan


  • 3lb (3.5lb Break Strength)/0.8 Goh/0.148mm/0.0058″
  • 4lb (4.5lb Break Strength)/1 Goh/0.165mm/0.0065″
  • 8lb (8.5lb Break Strength)/2 Goh/0.235mm/0.0093″
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Varivas’ Trout Shock Leader Fluorocarbon Line is an extremely sensitive leader line, perfect for adding to the front of your mainline braided lines when extra abrasion resistance or visual subtlety are needed. This leader line features Varivas Lb. Over rating, which means the line’s break strength is stronger than comparable diameter fluorocarbon lines. This line also features Varivas SP-T and NON coating enhancing its durability by reducing water absorption and providing a tough outer coating to minimize abrasion and scratching of the line.


  • SP-T – SP-T is a super tough coating with resin film that covers the surface of the line, reducing water absorption, improving wear resistance and flight distance, and increasing durability.
  • Non-Stress Coating –NON (non-stress) coating protects better against water absorption, ultraviolet light, saltwater, and friction. This specialized coating also adds to the strength of the line.


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