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Varivas Super Trout Advance Sight Edition Nylon Line


Quick Specs:
Great all purpose monofilament line
Lightning Green color | Easy visibility
IGFA Compliant | Parallel Wound
100m/spool | 109 yds/spool
Made in Japan


  • 3lb/0.8 goh/0.148mm/0.006″
  • 4lb/1.0 goh/0.165mm/0.006″
  • 5lb/1.2 goh/0.185mm/0.007″
  • 6lb/1.5 goh/0.205mm/0.008″
  • 8lb/2.0 goh/0.235mm/0.009″
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Varivas Super Trout Advance Sight Edition is a fantastic nylon monofilament line for finesse fishing trout and more. This line is strong and abrasion-resistant while being thinner than most American lines of comparable test strength. The Lightning Green color makes for easy cast tracing and line watching for subtle takes. We often fish this line without a leader, though a properly sized clear fluorocarbon leader can be used if fishing highly pressured waters.


  • SP-F – Super Fluoride Coating creates a water-repellent protective film on the surface of the line that protects against water absorption, increases casting distance, and improves abrasion resistance.
  • SP-T – SP-T is a super tough coating with resin film that covers the surface of the line, reducing water absorption, improving wear resistance and flight distance, and increasing durability.
  • IGFA – IGFA (International Game Fishing Association).  VARIVAS’s IGFA line complies with IGFA regulations regarding line strength.
  • Fluorescent Coating – fluorescent color coating dramatically improves the visibility of the line. Ideal fishing line for situations where glare on the surface of the water, reflections of scenery, and fishing line are difficult to on account of sun glare. VARIVAS’s Float processing allows the fishing line to drift underwater with a delicate balance.
  • Parallel Wound Spool – Parallel Winding prevents the line from collapsing under pressure, by maintaining the line’s shape and maximizing the original strength and linearity of the line.



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