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Reins Tungsten Dropshot Sinker


Quick Specs:
Tungsten Dropshot Weight
Slide-In/Clip Style Eyelet
Extreme Sensitivity

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Rains Tungsten Dropshot Sinkers are specially formulated with a blend of 95% tungsten and 5% nickel alloy, making them both extremely sensitive and environmentally safe. Featuring a bell-shaped weight these weights offer good contact with the bottom while still allowing them to easily be pulled through cover. Featuring a slip-in/clip style eyelet, it’s easy and quick to connect your weight without the need for tying, providing a snug fit while also allowing you to pull your line free from the weight in the event of a snag that just won’t come loose. Reins tungsten weights are the #1 selling sinkers in Japan, try these out and you’ll know exactly why.


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