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Gamakatsu Offset Shank Worm EWG Hook


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Quick Specs:
Extra Wide Gap Hook | Offset Shank
Texas Rig | Free Rig
Creature Baits | Swimbaits
Qty: 6 pcs per pack

The Gamakatsu Offset Shank Worm EWG Hooks are great for Texas rigged creature baits, worms, or anytime more hook gape is needed to allow your soft plastic to get out of the way on the hookset. Made with the hook point in line with the eye, the full force of the hookset goes through the soft plastic and penetrates the fish’s mouth.  This EWG hook is Gamakatsu’s most popular model hook, and for a good reason. It’s incredibly sharp, durable, and comes in various sizes to suit angler’s needs.


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