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Tsurinoya Tungsten Bullet Weights

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Quick Specs:
High-Quality Tungsten Weights
Texas Rigs | Carolina Rigs
No Sharp Edges | Environmentally Safe

Get your bait down into the strike zone fast and come through cover with ease with these Tungsten Bullet Weights from Tsurinoya. Tungsten is a much denser material than the standard lead used for most fishing weights, which means you get a more compact profile for the same size weight, helping to slip through small spaces and presenting your soft baits with a more finesse approach. The density of tungsten also means every subtle vibration is transmitted much more distinctly, leading to the ability to feel bottom structure and bites much more clearly. These Tsurinoya Tungsten Bullet Weights are corrosion resistant, heat resistant, won’t chip and scratch, and feature rounded edges to ensure your line isn’t frayed or cut by the weight. Tungsten is also non-toxic and environmentally safe, unlike lead weights which leach harmful chemicals into your waters.


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