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Little Jack Micro Forma Adict


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Quick Specs:
25mm | 1″
2.1g | 5/64oz
Micro Lipless Vibrating Lure
Top Fin for Added Stability
Wire Through Design
#18 Treble Hooks

Little Jack Micro Forma Adict


Little Jack Micro Forma Adict is an ultralight and small lipless crank/vibration bait designed to entice a wide variety of light game species. Micro Forma Adict comes in at 1″ and 5/64oz (2.1g), perfectly sized as a small baitfish imitator. Micro Forma Adict has a quick sink rate and a fast kicking vibrating action, with a transparent top fin for added stability. This lure is ideal for targeting the bottom to middle water columns. Little Jack lures feature ultra-realistic designs and colorways, adding to their fish-fooling ability and visual allure. Micro Forma Adict is built with a semi-transparent resin and a wire-through design for added toughness. Featuring saltwater safe #18 BKK treble hooks, the Micro Forma Adict offers strong hooking power and keeps fish pinned.


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