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Duo Tetra Works Furafura

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Quick Specs:
48mm | 1.9″
2.3g | 1/12oz
Slow Sinking Pencil Lure
Magnetic Weight Transfer System | Rattle Sound
#12 Treble Hooks
Made in Japan

The Furafura from Duo’s Tetra Works lineup is a small slow sinking pencil lure that entices bites from highly pressured fish with its natural action. Furafura offers a natural rolling action at a slow retrieve, adding a snake-like swaying tail action when increasing retrieval speed.

FuraFura is equipped with an internal moving weight system to increase casting distance, allowing anglers to cover water when searching for a bite. Work the Furafura with a straight receive, a subtle twitching motion, or exaggerated jerks for a wide variety of actions that appeal to a wide range of predatory species in fresh and salt water.


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