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Varivas Avani Light Game Super Premium PE x4


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Quick Specs:
4-Strand Braided PE Line | Ultra Thin
Translucent Blue | Non-Stick Coating
Designed for Light Saltwater Fishing
100m/spool | 109yd/spool
Made in Japan


  • 5lb/0.2 Goh/0.074mm/0.0029″
  • 6.5lb/0.3 Goh/0.076mm/0.003″
  • 8.5lb/0.4 Goh/0.108mm/0.0043″

Specifically designed for light game saltwater fishing, Varivas Avani Light Game Super Premium PE x4 braided line offers outstanding strength and casting capability in an ultra-thin diameter. Featuring a 4-strand weave, Avani Light Game Super Premium PE x4 is coated with Varivas SP-F, a proprietary Super Fluororesin coating that reduces resistance through the line guides, increases abrasion resistance, and offers a protective layer that is water repellent. Ultra-Sensitive, Avani Light Game Super Premium PE x4 allows the angler to feel every movement of the lure and the lightest of takes, making this line ideal for aji, mebaru, and light rock fishing styles. The natural blue color of this line blends perfectly in most saltwater conditions and is nearly transparent underwater, making Avani Light Game Super Premium PE x4 perfect for targeting pressured and wary species.


  • SP-F – Super Fluoride Coating creates a water-repellent protective film on the line’s surface that protects against water absorption, increases casting distance, and improves abrasion resistance.
  • Super-Premium-PE (SP-PE) is an extremely thin diameter, powerful, durable, braided fishing line with 30% less stretch than a standard PE line.


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