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Duo Tetra Works Kurakura


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Quick Specs:
30mm | 1.2″
2.5g | 1/10oz
1m | 3ft Diving Depth
Slow Floating Mini Crankbait
Kevlar Tied Assist Hooks | Internal Rattle
Made in Japan

The Duo Tetra Works Kurakura is a mini crank designed to entice bits from various freshwater and saltwater species. Inspired by the mini crankbaits often used in urban fishing, Tetra Works aimed to create an attractive and snag-less small bait for fishing in estuaries and other cover-strewn areas. The super thin lip of the Kurakura creates an alluring action at even extremely slow retrieve speeds. The Kurakura mini crank can be used as a bottom knocker, with a straight retrieve in the middle water column or near the surface in a stop-and-go action, letting the lure float to the surface during the pauses. Featuring an internal rattle and a variety of natural and bright colorways, the Kurakura has a high drawing power that calls fish. At the same time, its compact size appeals to predators both large and small. The Kurakura mini crank is equipped with two single assist hooks tied with a highly durable kevlar material to increase the hookup ratio and decrease lost fish.


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