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Varivas Bass Nylon Monofilament


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Quick Specs:
High Strenght
Low Memory | Flexible
Low Stretch | Absorbs Shocks
Stealth Gray Color
150m (164yd) Spool | Halway Mark at 75m
Made in Japan

LB Class# GohDiameter InchesDiameter mm

Varivas’s new Bass Nylon is a top-of-the-line, high-performance nylon line designed to make your fishing experience smoother and more enjoyable. Boasting a minimal memory effect, Varivas Bass Nylon snugly wraps around your reel without coiling and causing annoying tangles. Combining modern nylon materials and a high-tech coating process, Varivas Bass Nylon is low-stretch with just enough give to absorb sudden shocks and prevent unwanted line breakage.
Featuring an all-new stealth gray color that keeps the line discreet and nearly invisible to wary bass. Varivas Bass Nylon also features a high-quality parallel wound spool to prevent any crushing of the line, maintaining the shape and integrity of the line. Available in a 150m spool with a halfway mark at 75m, allowing anglers to easily spool twice.


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