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Johnson Beetle Spin 1/8oz


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Quick Specs:
38mm Grub | 1.5″ Grub
3.3g Jighead | 1/8oz Jighead
6.7g Total Weight | 1/4oz Total Weight (Grub (1.5g), Jighead, Spinner)
Grub, Jig Head, and Spinner
Qty: 1 Jigheag, 1 Wireframe, 3 Grubs per pack

The Johnson Beetle Spin is a time-tested American Classic. The simplicity and action of the Beetle Spin keep anglers coming back to this lure generation after generation.
A simple wireframe spinnerbait with a detachable jig head and a lively split-tail grub are combined to make an effective and affordable lure for various species. Work this lure like a traditional spinnerbait with a simple cast and retrieve, or remove the wireframe and work the grub on just the jig head for s subtle finesse presentation, the versatility of the Beetle Spin is hard to beat.


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