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YGK XBraid Upgrade X8 Braided Line


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Quick Specs:
Ultra-Smooth 8-Strand Braided PE Line
All-Purpose, Ultra Thin, Far Casting Line
White Sight Line Marking Every 15cm (5.9″)
0.98 Specific Gravity (Floats)
150m/spool | 164yd/spool
Made in Japan


  • 14lb/0.6 Goh/0.138mm/0.0054″

YGK’s XBraid Upgrade X8 Braided Line delivers outstanding performance through advanced construction methods that create an ultra-thin and ultra-smooth line perfectly suited for bait finesse fishing. Built using YGK’s WX8 braid technology, eight individual strands of premium quality Ultra PE are weaved to form a consistently tight body with minimal stretch. The ultra-thin diameter and smooth surface allow Xbraid Upgrade X8 to flow effortlessly through reel and rod line guides, significantly increasing casting distance. The bright green line color allows for line tracing and watching, and XBraid Upgrade X8 features a white line marking every 15cm, letting the angler know precisely how much line is being retrieved with every reel handle turn. Made in Japan, XBraid Upgrade X8 is built to suit all varieties of fishing, including saltwater, and conforms to the Japan Fishing Goods Association standards of “PE Line Thickness.”


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