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Nikko Zaza Tadpoles


Quick Specs:
74mm | 2.9″
1.8g | 1/16oz
Floating | Fluttering Tail Action
Qty: 5 pcs per pack


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These tadpole baits have the “Wow!” factor. A fantastic finesse bait with phenomenal tail action. This is a bait of passion.

Super stretchy, super soft, and long-lasting; you’ll go through a lot of fish before this bait gives out.

Like all Nikko baits, it’s completely free of plastisol, environmental hormones, and other toxins.

Our take: We personally love throwing this bait for bass and large panfish on dropshot rigs and split shot rigs. The Zaza Tadpole floats, keeping the bait constantly in action and in the line of sight of your catch. They also work great paired with small jig heads and popped or swam off the bottom in shallow waters. The Obsidian color provides a great profile in stained or muddy waters, while the more natural Fusion will get the job done in clear water or highly pressured fishing situations.

Note: New tadpoles have a powder coating to make handling easier. The powder will come off in use and the color will become more vivid. After opening, properly store tadpoles flat inside their packs to maintain shape.


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