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Duo Tetra Works Toto Shad 48S


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Quick Specs:
48mm | 1.9″
4.5g | 1/6oz
0.8-1.5m | 2-5ft Diving Depth
Sinking Jerkbait
Saltwater Colorways and SW Safe Hardware
#12 Treble Hooks
Made in Japan

The Toto Shad from Duo’s Tetra Works line of saltwater finesse lures is an easy-to-use shad-type crankbait designed for targeting light game species. Featuring a long lip design for increased drag resistance, the Toto Shad stays in the strike zone and offers increased feedback making it easy to know what the lure is doing when in action. This sinking lure offers a diving depth of 2-5ft, making it perfect for targeting estuaries and other coastal areas where predatory fish love to feed.


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