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Varivas Trout Shock Leader Ti-F Fluorocarbon Line


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Quick Specs:
Fluorocarbon Leader Line | Proprietary Titanium Coating
Super Abrasion Resistant | Parallel Wound
Includes Colored Spool Band
30m/spool | 33 yds/spool
Made in Japan


  • 2.5lb/0.6 Goh/0.128mm/0.005″
  • 3lb/0.8 Goh/0.148mm/0.0058″
  • 4lb/1 Goh/0.165mm/0.0065″
  • 5lb/1.2 Goh/0.185mm/0.0073″
  • 6lb/1.5 Goh/0.205mm/0.0081″
  • 8lb/2 Goh/0.235mm/0.0093″

This fluorocarbon leader line by Varivas is exactly what’s needed when fishing in rough conditions where other lines don’t stand a chance. Varivas Trout Shock Leader Ti-F Fluorocarbon features a proprietary titanium coating and Varivas’ Sp-T Super Tough coating making this line extraordinarily abrasion-resistant and durable. These 30m spools of leader line come on a small-sized spool that’s easy to stick in a small tackle bag or even a back pocket. Storage of the line is also simplified as each spool comes with a colored spool band that helps keep the line on the spool and makes it easy to quickly identify which # test you’ve got on hand with just a quick glimpse at the color of the spool band.


  • Tic –  Titanium (Tic) coating improves smoothness, strength, and durability of VARIVAS fishing line while reducing friction and early onset wear.
  • SP-T – SP-T is a super tough coating with resin film that covers the line’s surface, reducing water absorption, improving wear resistance and flight distance, and increasing durability.
  • Parallel Wound Spool – Parallel Winding prevents the line from collapsing under pressure by maintaining the line’s shape and maximizing the original strength and linearity of the line


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