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Varivas 8 Braided Line


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Quick Specs:
8-Strand Premium Quality Line
SP-V Coated for Increased Durability
Smooth Casting | Super Sensitive
Multi-Color: Sight-Line for easy line tracking
150M/164yd Spool
Made in Japan


  • 13lb/0.6 Goh/0.132mm/0.0052″
  • 16lb/0.8 Goh/0.153mm/0.0060″

Varivas’ newest PE (braided) line on the market, Varivas 8, is a premium quality line perfect for finesse anglers. Constructed with a high-quality eight-strand weave, Varivas 8 is strong, extremely sensitive, high-density, and features an even weave for a line that offers consistent results no matter the fishing conditions. Resin infused and coated with an environmentally friendly SP-V (Super Varivas) coating to increase durability and smoothness. Varivas 8 casts exceptionally well, offering increased casting distances and reduced line tangles.


  • SP-V: Super Varivas, a proprietary coating engineered to be fluorine and PFOA free. SP-V coating offers increased line smoothness and durability, is water repellent, and reduces the likelihood of tangles and wind knots. The result is a stronger, better casting line that is environmentally safe and hassle-free.
  • Sight-Line Edition: Multi-Colored Varivas 8 features 5 alternating colors marked incrementally to make it easy to keep track of how much line is spooled on as well as casting distance.


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