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Varivas Super Trout Advance Bait Finesse PE X4 Braided Line

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(4 customer reviews)
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Quick Specs:
Textured 4-Strand Premium Braided PE Line
Improved Manageability | Water Repellant Coating
Sight Line Marking System | Halfway Indicator Mark
Length: 100m (109yd)
Made in Japan


  • 9lb/0.5 Goh/0.121mm/0.0048″
  • 10lb/0.6 Goh/0.132mm/0.0052″
  • 15lb/0.8 Goh/0.153mm/0.0060″

Varivas Super Trout Advance Bait Finesse PE X4 Line Marking System

Newly redesigned to meet the global growth of BFS mountain stream trout fishing, Varivas Super Trout Advance Bait Finesse PE X4 Braided Line checks all the boxes for the mountain stream bait finesse enthusiast. Specifically designed for fishing the challenging terrain of mountain streams, creeks, and rivers with BFS baitcasting reels; Super Trout Advance Bait Finesse PE X4 Braided Line balances strength, sensitivity, and castability; alleviating the worry of break-offs, missed bites, and line mishaps and when fishing technical waterways.

What’s new?

  1. A new textured, stiffer, 4-strand braid, tuned for greater manageability and precise, controlled casting has replaced the silky, smooth line of the prior edition.
    • Mountain Stream BFS precision casting requires controlled brake thumbing on bait casting reels.
    • Textured, 4-strand braid provides a better feel for easier casting and brake thumbing, compared to smooth, round, 8-strand braid.  Likewise, a thicker, 4-strand braid reduces line trouble and enables easier recovery with baitcasting reels.
  2. Enhanced line durability owing to Varivas’ new enviro-friendly, non-PTFE, water-repellent line coating.
    • SP-V coating
  3. Redesigned line color and sight marking system.
    • Redesigned, hi-viz, alternating green and yellow line color, every 2 meters makes line tracing and lure tracking easier.
    • The halfway line indicator mark makes it easy to know when your spool is at the halfway point (50m).
  4. Larger diameter line options with higher lb strengths replace the prior edition’s thinner, lower weight line.


Q #1:  Which size Bait Finesse PE X4 line and leader is recommended?

A #1:  VARIVAS recommends:

      • Goh #0.5 (9 lb) Bait Finesse PE x4 braid — the standard gauge-size line for narrow, mountain stream BFS fishing.
      • Goh #0.6 (10 lb) — for mid-tributary and main river fishing or when targeting large fish.
      • Goh #0.8 (15 lb) — for bigger fish, challenging fishing situations, or to avoid line issues.
      • For Shock Leader, we advise a 3 lb ~ 8 lb fluoro leader.

Q #2:  What’s the recommended amount of line for my BFS reel?

A #2:  We advise spooling baitcasting reels with 50-meters of line.  Although 30-meters of line is sufficient when fishing mountain streams, 30-meters has a poor casting feel.  If fishing main rivers, we advise spooling up 100-meters of line, for the benefit of full casting.

Q #3:  How often should I replace the line?

A #3:  For optimal performance, we recommend replacing PE braided line often, as there is nothing better than the performance of a brand new PE braided line.

4 reviews for Varivas Super Trout Advance Bait Finesse PE X4 Braided Line

  1. Lihamby (verified owner)

    Not super happy with this line. Not sure if it was just an issue with my line or an issue with this line in general, but I had many times where my line snapped midcast. No fraying before hand, and the same knots that have held up amazingly on other braided lines. I did enjoy the coloring of the line, and that’s the only reason I’m giving it a 3.

  2. jbeee (verified owner)

    Definitely snapped off a few times unexpectedly. Otherwise decent line.

  3. jbeee (verified owner)

    Decent braid..bought it again.

  4. Travis (verified owner)

    Good casting line, but like others, I’ve had the line snap either during casting or with less strain on it than I would expect.

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