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Sunline Super Natural Metered Monofilament


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Quick Specs:
UV-R | UV Ray Protection
Supple | Easy Handling
High Strength
Metered (Color Marked) Line
Made in Japan
Length: 330yd Spool

Lb TestJAFS Gauge (Goh)Diameter (mm)Diameter (in)

Sunline Super Natural Metered Monofilament is a high-quality nylon monofilament line manufactured in Japan specifically for the US market. This METERED version of Sunline’s world-famous Super Natural Line is color marked with 12″ of high visibility chartreuse after every 4ft of clear line. This color marking system aids the angler in better seeing their line while maintaining a clear section to tie onto for maximum stealth in the water. The color marking system can also be used to help determine casting distance and retrieve speed.

Made to be supple and easy to handle, Super Natural Metered Monofilament spools well onto the spool and is easy to manage on bait finesse tackle. Sunline’s precision engineering produces a consistent diameter line and a truly round cross section for a low memory line resistant to kinks, curls, and jumping off the spool.

Sunline Super Natural Metered Monofilament provides consistent and reliable performance by striking a good balance between tensile and knot strength. It offers a moderate stretch for excellent shock absorption, allowing big fish to be caught on light lines without fear of sudden break-offs. Super Natural Metered Monofilament also features Sunline’s unique UV-R processing to help protect against nylon line’s natural nemesis, UV Rays, allowing anglers to get more use from their line without fear of a reduction in strength.


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