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Rebel Crickhopper



Quick Specs:
38mm | 1.5″
2.4g | 3/32 oz
Floating Bug Crankbait
Two #14 Treble Hooks

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The Rebel Crickhopper is a classic American small lure. Perfect for anytime bass, trout, and sunfish are feeding on bugs this lure works as a topwater as well as a shallow crankbait. Like a real grasshopper or cricket, you can work this lure on the surface with just small twitches making it wiggle about, creating ripples, and mimicking a struggling bug. If the fish are not quite committing to topwater, you can crank the lure to make it dive up to 3 feet deep. Try a stop and go retrieve, letting the lure rise to the surface on the pause, a technique that works especially well for trout.


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