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Jackall Micro Tappy


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Quick Specs:
54mm | 2.1″
4.8g | 1/6 oz
Topwater Wakebait | Underspin Willow Blade
Clacking Tail | Feathered #10 Treble Hook

The Micro Tappy from Jackall is one of the most fun lures you can use for topwater and subsurface bait finesse fishing. It’s a wakebait with all the gimmicks attached. The front bill of the Micro Tappy cuts through the water, the underspin gives it flash, the tail chops water in the back like mad, and the feathered and skirted back treble hook gives those big bass a little extra reason to bite!

This lure was designed to be easy to fish; it takes nothing more than a cast and straight retrieve to make it come to life. Micro Tappy is available in various vibrant colors, adding to its fun factor.



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