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Rebel Deep Teeny Wee Crawfish



Quick Specs:
38mm | 1.5″
2.7g | 1/9oz
Pulsating Action | Lifelike Profile
#14 Treble Hooks
Dives to 4-5ft

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The Rebel Deep Teeny Wee Crawfish is an American classic and one of the most popular fishing lures worldwide. The small lifelike profile and pulsating action make this lure a standout for creek, river, and small lake anglers. Equipped with a sturdy bill, this lure dives to a depth of four to five feet and is perfect for targeting fish from the bank as well as when fishing shallows from watercraft. These baits run true and are built to last.

1 review for Rebel Deep Teeny Wee Crawfish

  1. Colin

    The deep cranking version of my all-time favorite lure is just as effective! Rebel’s crawfish lures have a really unique wobbling action to them that I don’t get out of other cranks. I always swap out the #14 trebles for Owner #6 SBL-55M hooks so that I can cover a lot of ground without worrying about snags and really bang it around cover. Countless smallmouth and walleye have fallen for it!

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