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Nishine Lure Works Drop Shot Minnow 3.4″

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Quick Specs:
85mm | 3.4″
3g | 7/64oz
Hand-Poured Plastic | Buoyant | Salted
Dropshot | Wacky | Jig Head
Realistic Colors
Qty/pack: 7 pcs

The Nishine Lure Works Dropshot Minnow 3.4″ is a premium hand-poured soft minnow specifically crafted for maximum buoyancy and lifelike movement. When paired with the innovative Nishine DS Hook, they will stay perfectly perpendicular in the water, allowing for natural movements in currents and from rod tip movements. In addition to the finely detailed scale pattern, gill plates, and eye sockets, Nishine Dropshot Minnow also features a lifelike baitfish profile and colorways for the perfect presentation to draw in pressured bass. Always an excellent option as a drop shot bait, Nishine Dropshot Minnow is also highly effective when wacky rigged or fished on a ball head jig.


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