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Nishine Lure Works Baby Abino 70F Propbait/Popper

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Quick Specs:
70mm | 2.76″
6.1g | 7/32oz
Floating Propbait/Popper
Customizable | Includes Popper Mouth
Optional Nishine SS Tune Set for Slow Sinking Mode
Ichikawa Fishing Kamikiri Trebles #7

Designed by world-renowned master lure designer and founder of Nishine Lure Works, Hiroshi Nishine, Baby Abino 70F is a versatile topwater floating bait with customizable actions. Out of the box, Baby Abino 70F comes equipped with a large prop and a belly-mounted custom blade for a surface churning action that drives fish wild. Baby Abino 70F can be worked with short, aggressive twitches or a slow and steady retrieve. Based on a hand-carved design, the body includes highly detailed scaling, gill plates, and a profile that produces a beautiful side-to-side roll, perfectly mimicking a small baitfish.

Packaged along with Baby Abino 70F is a cupped popper mouth that can be installed in place of the front prop blade. In “popper mode,” Baby Abino 70F produces a loud popping sound and splashing action that draws fish in from far distances.

Baby Abino 70f can also be configured into “slow sinking mode” by purchasing the optional Nishine Lure Works SS Tune Set. By installing these slightly heavier prop blades on the front and back, Baby Abino 70F becomes a slow-sinking spybait, perfect for targeting finicky and suspended bass.



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