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Imakatsu Bebikira Wake

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Quick Specs:
70mm | 2.75″
3.9g | 9/64oz
Floating/Subsurface Wakebait
Underspin for Flash/Tracking
Treble/Double Belly Hook Combo
Soft Plastic Tail Section
Made in Japan

The Imakatsu Bebikira Wake (Baby “Killer Wake”) is a small hardbody minnow wakebait designed to target topwater and subsurface layers, drawing bites from even the most pressured fisheries with its ultra-finesse presentation. Designed by renowned professional angler Naoyuki Mihara, Beibikira Wake is crafted in Japan to the highest standards and packs a list of creative features that set it apart from all other small wake baits. Beibikira Wake features a small single-jointed hard body with a soft plastic tail, giving the lure a lifelike swimming action no matter the retrieve speed. The nose of the bait features detailed molding and realistic eyes, in addition to the small and durable bill that gives Beibikira Wake its subsurface dive and slithering action. The underside of Beibikira Wake is equipped with a small double hook at the tail and the deadly sharp treble hook hanging from the belly, ensuring a high hookup ratio no matter where the bite comes from. Under the head of Beibikira Wake is a compact underspin willow blade that draws in fish with its brilliant flash while also helping the lure track true with its lowered center of gravity. Extremely versatile, Beibikira Wake is equally effective when burned subsurface at high speed as it is slowly crawled, twitched, and deadsticked on topwater.


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