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Nikko Craw

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Quick Specs:
81mm | 3.2″
6.8g | 1/4oz
Floating Claws | Scented
Realistic Arched Body
Clamshell Packaging
Made in Japan
Qty: 5 pcs per pack

Featuring an ultra-realistic and highly detailed design with arched body angles and a wide claw stance, the Nikko Craw projects a vulnerable defensive posture for an all-new level of realism in a staple bait category. With Nikko’s proprietary super tough floating material, the claws float up at rest and hold up to many fish without being torn off. The Niiko craw is infused with an all-natural crustacean-based scent that can be easily recharged by stretching the body to release more scent. Easy to rig on ned rigs, Texas rigs, jig heads, and great as trailers. These baits easily outlast other craws made of traditional plastics, lasting many times the number of catches.


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