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Tiemco PDL Bait Finesse Jig EVO

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Quick Specs:
Snagless Cover Jig
Free Swinging Jig Head
Changeable Hook | Split Ring Connection
#1 Decoy Worm17 KG Hook

One of the most innovative jigs on the market, the Tiemco PDL Bait Finesse Jig EVO is a feature-packed snagless cover jig designed specifically for bait finesse anglers. The PDL Bait Finesse Jig EVO features an innovative head design that offers an entirely free swinging movement of the trailer bait by connecting the hook via a split ring. The trailer bait’s range of motion and movement is unmatched by any other skirted bass jig we’ve seen. Bait Finesse Jig EVO comes equipped with a high-quality Decoy Kilo Hook, one of Japan’s best-selling bass hooks, allowing the trailer baits to be Texas-rigged for a snagless presentation. Additionally, since the hook is connected via a split ring, the hook can be swapped to any size and style, allowing for complete customization for any size and style of trailer bait. Another advantage of changing the hook is that you can always have a fresh and sharp hook equipped, directly leading to better hookup ratios and less lost fish. Fitted with a hand-tied fine silicone finesse skirt and is available in several colors and sizes.

1 review for Tiemco PDL Bait Finesse Jig EVO

  1. Sammy (verified owner)

    Awesome little jig. Pair it up with a little craw for a trailer and you will not be let down. Highly recommended!

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