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Mule Fishing Burro Bug 1.8″ Craw

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Quick Specs:
46mm | 1.8″
0.9g | 1/32oz
Super Durable Material
Buoyant | Stretchy
Ridged Claw Design
Qty: 8 pcs per pack

The Mule Fishing Burro Bug is a micro craw imitation designed to catch numerous species of fish in search of a snack-sized crayfish. Whether you are seeking river smallmouth bass or big sunfish in a weedy pond, this little craw will draw strikes and stand up to a full day of fishing.

Key Features:

  • Formulated with material that makes it stretchy & durable
  • High buoyancy, so it will stand up when paired on a Mule Jig
  • Ridged claw design to create a tight pulsing action that displaces water

The dimensions of the Burro Bug were specifically created to work with the Mule Fishing lineup of jigs. These pair up well with both the Workhorse Jig and Mule Jig lineup and can easily be trimmed down to create even smaller offerings. Other great rigs include the drop shot, split shot, and micro Texas rig.


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