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Jackson Chinukoro Hog 2.6″


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Quick Specs:
2.6″ | 3.6g
Mantis Shrimp Body
Kicking Claws | Fine Appendages
Crustacean and Squid Scented
Qty/pack: 8 pcs

The Jackson Chinukoro Hog is a 2.6-inch imitation of a mantis shrimp that is effective in both fresh and saltwater species. It has paddle claw appendages that create a hard-kicking action, making it an excellent bait for a killer presentation on the fall. The smaller appendages along the body offer a more subtle and quivering action, which responds to water flow and the movements of the rod tip, giving the Chinukoro Hog a more lifelike appearance. The round head’s connection to the flat body gives it a sense of independent movement, which triggers reaction bites from predatory fish.


The Chinukoro Hog can be rigged in different ways, such as Texas rigged, free rigged, Cheburashka rigged, as a jig trailer, or weightless. A small nail weight of 0.3g or 1/96oz can be inserted into the lower portion of the head to increase the thumping action of the appendages on the fall. The Chinukoro Hog is primarily designed for targeting hard-biting Chinu (Japanese Black Sea Bream), and Jackson has made it more durable by reducing the salt content. The Chinukoro Hog is scented with an original blend of crustacean and squid, which produces a strong odor that stimulates the senses of fish and induces a feeding response.


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