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Jackall Micro Flick Worm 2.5″

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Quick Specs:
Micro Worm
Shrimp Scented | Salt Infused

Jackall Micro Flick Worm 2.5"2.5" (64mm) 0.3g (1/96oz)8
Jackall Flick Shake Worm 2.8″2.8" (71mm)0.8g (1/32oz)7

The Jackall Micro Flick is a super small version of the highly popular Jackall Flick Shake worm. Designed with a curved body that elicits a subtle shimmy on the fall, the Micro Flick is perfect as a micro wacky rig or neko rig worm when using bait finesse tackle. Impregnated with a shrimp-based odor that appeals to bass and embedded with salt, giving it a high specific gravity, the Micro Flick offers tremendous drawing power despite its tiny size. This small worm is also a great choice when targeting panfish, trout, and other small species with bfs or light spinning tackle.


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