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Jackson Tobisugi Daniel 1g Micro Blade

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Quick Specs:
0.8″ | 1g  (1/28oz)
Long Casting Micro Blade
Saltwater Light Game
#12 Single Hook w/ Tinsel

The Jackson Tobisugi Daniel is a long-casting micro vibrating blade bait perfect for targeting light saltwater and freshwater game species. Available in several sizes suitable for bait finesse and finesse spinning tackle, this 1g (1/28oz) version is perfect for ultralight class species like Aji (mackerel) and bluegill.

The long and slender profile of Tobisugi Daniel closely resembles the shape of the small baitfish predators feed on. Unlike most vibrating blade baits, which tend to be bottom-heavy, Daniel Tobisugi has its weight distribution skewed towards the back, giving it exceptional casting distance for its class size – in fact, Tobisugi translates to “far flying.” This casting advantage lets anglers reach new distances, allowing them to target species often missed by other micro lures.

Jackson Tobisugi Daniel has its tow point underneath the head, giving the lure an upward swim when retrieved, emulating a baitfish fleeing towards the surface. Tobisugi Daniel is fast sinking and has a rolling action on the fall and the retrieve. Work Tobisugi Daniel with a combination of lift and drop patterns on slack and semi-taut line or straight retrieve at various speeds for an enticing snack-sized presentation that will produce bites. Tobisugi Daniel is equipped with a micro-barbed single hook finished with tinsel, which gives off a visual flash and helps small fish more easily inhale the hook.


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