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Daiwa Trout Twig


Quick Specs:

65mm | 2.6″
1.5g | 1/20 oz
Sinking Crankbait/Jig Combo
Single Barbless Hook

We include a #0 snap swivel with each Daiwa Trout Twig

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The Trout Twig by Daiwa is a really unique lure that combines a small jig head, a crankbait lip, and a segmented worm-like body. Swim this lure like a small crankbait, or hop it in shallow water like a finesse jig. It has a really unique action either way.

When worked like a jig this lure responds nicely to subtle twitches and pops. It will dance and wiggle like an aquatic insect just asking to be eaten. On the drop the lure will slowly spiral downwards, drawing attention and giving ample time for reaction bites.

If you’re in search mode and looking for a bite in shallow water, run this lure like a small crankbait. The jig head and lip combo employ a really unique action, somewhat like a scrounger jig. At a slow steady retrieve the Trout Twig will run level and look like a small minnow or snake swimming through the water. If you give it a quick turn or slight jerk of the rod tip, the lip will pull the bait upward in a fleeing motion helping to trigger bites as well as come over structure.  Run this lure just fast enough to give the segmented body a snaking motion, too fast and it can start to spiral causing line twist.

Daiwa recommends you use a snap swivel with this one, and so do we, so we include a #0 ball bearing snap swivel for you. This lure comes in at 1.5g and is equipped with an extremely sharp Daiwa SaqSas single barbless hook for catch and release trout fishing.


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