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Varivas Ajing Master Blue Moon Fluorocarbon Line

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Quick Specs:
Designed for Bottom and Mid Column Fishing
High-Viz Blue Color | Invisible in Water
High Abrasion Resistance
150m/spool | 164 yds/spool
Made in Japan


  • 2.5lb/0.6 goh/0.128mm/0.005″
  • 3lb/0.8 goh/0.148mm/0.0058″
  • 4lb/1.0 goh/0.165mm/0.0065″

Varivas Ajing Master Blue Moon Fluorocarbon is a brand new addition to the Varivas lineup. This fluorocarbon line is specifically designed for Ajing style fishing where the sensitivity of bottom finesse contact baits is key to a successful catch. Featuring Varivas new Blue Moon coloring, this line is highly visible to the human eye, while being virtually invisible underwater. With Varivas SP-T and NON (non-stress) coatings, this line is highly abrasion resistant, doesn’t require a shock leader, and is less susceptible to wind knots than typical fluorocarbon lines. Available in small diameters and low break strengths this line is ideal for the most subtle of finesse presentations.


  • SP-T –  A super tough coating with resin film that covers the surface of the line, reducing water absorption, improving wear resistance and flight distance, and increasing durability.
  • NON –Non-stress coating protects better against water absorption, ultraviolet light, saltwater, and friction. This specialized coating also adds to the strength of the line.


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