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Eurotackle Z-Viber Micro


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Quick Specs:
0.6″ | 1/16oz) 1.6g
Vertical Jig | Lipless Crankbait
Tungsten Weight | Vibrating, Wide Wobble
Includes single and treble hook in package

The Z-Viber Micro from Eurotackle is one of the smallest hard baits available in the US market. At only 0.6″, this little lure is excellent for targeting trout and panfish. Featuring an internal tungsten weight, the Z-Viber Micro weighs in at 1/16 oz and casts well for a lure its size. This tiny lure works equally well with a vertical jig or mini lipless crankbait with a line eyelet at the top. When jigged, the lure has a tight vibration on the retrieve and quick drop on the fall, and when cast and retrieved, it has a unique wide wobble enhanced by its tight vibrations and subtle tungsten rattle. This lure comes equipped with a Japanese-style single hook attached to the lure and includes a high-quality treble in the box to swap out hooks depending on your fishing needs.

1 review for Eurotackle Z-Viber Micro

  1. Laramie

    Great lure for panfish. I have been using it during this ice fishing season. Can’t wait to use it again on open water. The lure makes light vibrations when ripped up and down, making subtle noise for spooky fish.

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