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Eurotackle Z-Viber 1/16


Quick Specs:
25mm | 1″
1.6g | 1/16oz
Lipless Crankbait | Vertical Jig
Tungsten Rattle | Single Hook

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The Eurotcackle Z-Viber 1/16 was the first quality micro lipless crankbait built for the US market. This unique micro hard bait features a single barbless hook and a tungsten bb rattle. Made to be worked several ways, the Z-Viber 1/16 is perfect for targeting trout, sunfish, crappie, perch, etc. This lure produces a tight shimmy ging up and a stunning flicker on the fall when vertically jigged. When cast and retrieved, its unique wide wobble draws the attention of predatory fish. Try this lure out for a truly finesse moving bait action when the bites get tough.


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