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Acme Kastmaster Spoon


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Quick Specs:
27mm | 1.06″ (1/12 oz)
35mm | 1.38″ (1/8 oz)
2.3-2.5g | 1/12 oz
4-4.9g | 1/8 oz
Barbed Treble Hook | Split ring for direct tying

The Acme Kastmaster is a classic American spoon. With its non-traditional shape, it is far more aerodynamic than your average spoon leading to increased casting distance and less line twist. Cast this little lure parallel to the bank or structure, reel it back in with short pauses now and then to let it flutter down and entice bites. The Kastmaster is a great little spoon for panfish, trout, and the occasional big bass.
If you prefer to swap your factory treble hooks out for singles, we recommend a size #8 for the 1/12 oz Kastmaster and a size #6 for the 1/8 oz version.


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