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Major Craft Finetail Eden 50S


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Quick Specs:
50mm | 2″
4.5g | 5/32oz
Sinking Minnow
Round Bill | #12 Treble Hooks

The Major Craft Finetail Eden 50S is a JDM trout minnow for fishing creeks, streams, and rivers. Its flat body structure has an intense rear-down fluttering action on the fall, allowing this minnow lure to cut through moving water easily. The Eden 50S can be worked with a steady retrieve and quick pauses to cover ground, or try working it with a twitching motion to hone in on an aggressive bite. The Finetail Eden 50S is weighted internally for a low center of gravity, allowing for a stable flight for a more accurate and longer casting distance. Designed for beginner and advanced anglers alike, the Major Craft Finetail Eden 50S is a minnow lure you’ll want on hand when targeting trout and other species in mountain streams.


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