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Jackson Zurubiki Goby


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Quick Specs:
45mm | 1.8″
4.5g | 1/6oz
Sinking | Bottom Contact Hard Bait
#6 Single Barbless Hooks
Snagless Hook Configuration
Made in Japan

The Zurubiki Goby from Jackson is a hard bait designed for running along the bottoms of managed ponds and mountain streams when targeting trout and other game species. Crafted in Japan, the Zurubiki Goby features a tungsten weight on the front end, outside of the lures body cavity, to keep the bait running tight along the bottom and help prevent snags when running through rocks and other light structures. The lure runs with a nose-down posture keeping its tail-end upright, keeping the Zurubiki Goby from burying into soft bottoms and enticing bites with its fleeing baitfish action. To further prevent hangups, the Zurubiki Govy is equipped with a barbless hook at the tail and one on the back, as opposed to the belly, allowing for easy hookups and keeping the hooks away from roots and other bottom obstacles. The Zurubiki Goby is designed for trout fishing, yet it is just as effective for bass and other predatory species that feed on craws, gobies, and other bottom-dwelling creatures.


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