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Bait Finesse Empire Shimmy Minnow – 3-Pack

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This product has been discontinued.
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Quick Specs:
40mm | 1.6″
3g | 1/10 oz
Sinking Pencil Bait | Extra Treble Hook Included
Qty: 3 pcs per pack

In collaboration with raWr Fishing, we’re proud to present the Bait Finesse Empire Shimmy Minnow.

This small pencil-like lure has a great horizontal shimmy on the fall and retrieve. Cast this lure parallel to structure, let it shimmy its way down to depth, and slowly roll it back to you. Its side-to-side shimmy reflects sunlight and creates a subtle and alluring target for any predatory fish species to hone in on. The Shimmy Minnow comes in various colors, and everyone has a unique UV coating that flashes a display of brilliant radiance in the sunlight.

The Shimmy Minnow comes equipped with a single Japanese-style assist hook from the factory, and we include an extra treble hook in the box so you can swap it out if needed.

Fish this lure on a 3-5lb fluorocarbon line to get an excellent sink rate and maintain the horizontal fall that gives it its Shimmy name. We recommend using a quick snap or a loop knot to connect the Shimmy Minnow to your line for the best action and easy lure swaps.

3 reviews for Bait Finesse Empire Shimmy Minnow – 3-Pack

  1. Benjamin Esser (verified owner)

    I love these things. I’ve caught crappie, bream, bass, pickerel, and chub. Does well in medium current as well as still water. I slow role, but best results have been quick jerks and pause.

  2. rawrfishing

    Versatile lure and can be fished in slow moving waters to medium speed waters like streams.

    It’s like a sinking jerkbait without a lip, so it wobbles a lot less; however, it wobbles great when you let it fall on slack line.

    I like to slow roll this with either a loop knot or a snap.

    I love to swing this in the streams by quarter casting up stream. swinging the lure in front of them trout will get them bites!

    So far i have caught bass, pickerel, trout, crappies and sunfish on em!

  3. jonathan perez (verified owner)

    I love these sinking pencil bait! caught a trout. definitely will getting more!

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