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Bait Finesse Empire Mini Buzz Frog


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Quick Specs:
32mm | 1.26″
4.2g | 5/32oz
Topwater Frog | Buzz Blade Tail
“Power BFS” | Sharp Double Hooks
L-ML Rod |15-20lb Braid Recommended

The Bait Finesse Empire Mini Buzz Frog brings all the fun of topwater froggin’ into a compact “power BFS” package. These frogs are mini at only 1.26″ in length but cast well due to their 4g weight class. The Mini Buzz Frog features a flashy Colorado blade tail that flutters and buzzes along the water’s surface as the lure is worked with a straight retrieve or in a stop-and-go motion. Available in various colors, this is one topwater lure you will not want to go without! Packing super sharp double hooks, it’s best to use this lure with a braided line on a light to medium-light power bass rod to ensure proper hooksets.

1 review for Bait Finesse Empire Mini Buzz Frog

  1. rawrfishing

    Power BFS Must have!
    Although this frog is light, the hooks are thick! making it super durable for snakeheads. The blade in the back spins when retrieved and will buzz super well on the surface.

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