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Yo-Zuri L Minnow (S) 1 3/4″

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Quick Specs:
44mm | 1.7″
5g | 3/16oz
Sinking Minnow Jerkbait
Holographic Foil | Painted Finish

The Yo-Zuri L Minnow is a sinking minnow Jerkbait designed for controlled depth fishing. This legendary lure sinks at a faster rate than standard minnow hardbaits, allowing anglers to get to the perfect depth quickly. Let L Minnow sink while counting it down to find the bottom depth, then reduce the count by one or two on subsequent casts to establish the perfect strike zone. Work L Minnow with a straight receive while twitching the rod tip for an erratic action that evokes reaction bites, or use it like a jerkbait with jerks, pulls, and pauses to target more wary fish. Yo-Zuri L Minnow is perfect for targeting trout and panfish in streams or even trolling in open water for a wide variety of predatory species.


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