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Varivas Super Trout Advance Twitch Master Nylon Line


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Quick Specs:
Great Monofilament for Rivers and Streams
VLS Nylon | Very Low Stretch
Enhances Lure Action | Parallel Wound
100m/spool | 109 yds/spool
Made in Japan

Varivas Super Trout Advance Twitch Master is a fantastic nylon monofilament line for finesse fishing trout and more in moving water. This line is made with Varivas’ VLS (Very Low Stretch) manufacturing method, which results in a nylon line that is more sensitive, less elastic, and yet even stronger and more wear-resistant than comparable test strength nylons. The Champagne color of Varivas Super Trout Advance Twitch Master line is highly visible above water but blends in well below the waterline, making this line perfect for trout and other wary or pressured species.


  • VLS –  Very Low Stretch manufacturing method suppresses elongation, a known tendency of nylon, resulting in a nylon line with less stretch and improved sensitivity and operability. VLS nylon line also exceeds linear strength and wear resistance compared to ordinary nylon.
  • SP-F – Super Fluoride Coating creates a water-repellent protective film on the line’s surface that protects against water absorption, increases casting distance, and improves abrasion resistance.
  • Parallel Wound Spool-Parallel Winding prevents the line from collapsing under pressure by maintaining the line’s shape and maximizing the original strength and linearity of the line.


  • 3lb/0.128mm/0.005″
  • 4lb/0.148mm/0.006″
  • 5lb/0.165mm/0.006″
  • 6lb/0.185mm/0.007″
  • 8lb/0.215mm/0.008″


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