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Varivas High Grade PE Marking Type II X8 Braided Line


Quick Specs:
8-Strand Braided PE Line | Super Non-Stick Coating
Rainbow/Multi-Colored | Color Changes Every 10m
150m/spool | 164 yds/spool
Made in Japan


  • 13lb/0.6 Goh/0.132mm/0.0050″
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This High Grade PE X8 braided line from Varivas is high quality and easy to fish with. polyethylene-based line. Featuring an 8-strand construction High Grade PEX8 is stronger than the equivalent diameter X4 braided line while still being extremely thin and ultra smooth making it perfect for finesse fishing. Coated with Varivas’ SP-F non-stick fluoride coating this line comes off the reel smoothly and doesn’t stick to the rod when slack. Featuring Varivas’ Type II marking system, this High Grade PE is multi-colored and marked incrementally to make it easy to keep track of how much line is spooled on as well as casting distance. The base color of this line changes every 10 meters, with individual meters also marked for truly accurate readings of line length.


  • SP-F – Super Fluoride Coating creates a water-repellent protective film on the surface of the line that protects against water absorption, increases casting distance, and improves abrasion resistance.


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